Our Services

Unlock the potential of your business with our Business Technology Strategy Services. Tailored to meet the varied requirements of our clients, our offerings span across two key categories: Leadership Services and Architecture Services, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to propel your business forward.

WVE Business Technology Strategy

Digital Architecture Services

Elevate your digital acceleration with elite architects boasting 15+ years' experience and Iasa accreditation.

Architecture as a service

We excel in bridging the gap between strategic visions and tangible outcomes for our clients. Our Architecture as a Service leverages certified specialists—experts in Business, Enterprise, Data, Software, Infrastructure, Solution, and Security—to seamlessly translate strategy into execution. Whatever the architecture elements are, our Architects work based on open source architecture best practices to help guide your organizations towards business success over technology supremacy. With at least over 15 years of experience and industry accreditation, we guarantee architectural excellence that drives transformative success.

Business Architecture

Revolutionize your organizational landscape with our integrated Enterprise and Business Architecture services. Unlike traditional approaches, we ensure that our architecture models are intricately tied to real-world execution, offering comprehensive insights into processes, capabilities, value streams, and information flows. Our approach optimizes organizational performance, aligns Business and Solution architectures, and maps out sequenced plans for change initiatives, whether Digital or Business-focused. From domain-specific models to managing technology health and risk, we provide holistic solutions that seamlessly align with your portfolios of change.

Architecture Practice Design

Cultivate organizational excellence with our Architecture Practice Design Service, where we partner with businesses to establish and fortify their in-house architecture practices. From defining team structures and roles to outlining services provided and deliverables owned, we craft engagement models and governance structures that harmonize with your organization’s operating model. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your architecture practice is not just established but optimized for sustained success, empowering your teams to drive innovation and deliver transformative solutions.

Architecture Assessment

Our Architecture Assessment Service conducts a comprehensive review of your IT architectures, assessing maturity, strengths, weaknesses, and alignment with business objectives. We delve deep to uncover opportunities for enhancement, providing actionable recommendations prioritized for impact and feasibility. By optimizing performance and driving innovation, we ensure your technology landscape is primed to support your organizational goals effectively.